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      2. 服務過的部分客戶 CUSTOMERS


              該公司位于昆山張浦鎮紫荊路103號,距機場路700M,距蘇州繞城高速1Km,交通十分便捷。 廠房建築面積10000平方米。昆山盛祥泰電子絕緣材料有限公司以外銷美元結算為主,昆山科麗盈塑膠有限公司以內銷人民幣結算為主。公司投資總額1500萬元,注冊資金300萬元。公司専業衝壓加工各類電子絕緣材料、屏蔽材料、粘膠帶、MYLAR和各類EPE沖型、吸塑、EPE袋、PE袋、汽泡袋等靜電防護包裝材料。産品廣泛應用于手機、筆記本電腦、液晶顯示屏、數碼產品等各類光電産品系列的絕緣、屏蔽、緩沖及ESD防護包裝用途……


            The company is located in kunshan ZhangPu town cercis road 103, is apart from the airport road 700 m, is apart from the suzhou round high-speed 1 km, transportation is very convenient. A building area of 10000 square meters. Kunshan ChengXiangTai electronic insulation material co., LTD. To export dollar settlement is given priority to, kunshan department li surplus plastic co., LTD. To sale in domestic market RMB settlement is given priority to. The company has a total investment of 15 million yuan, the registered capital of 3 million yuan. The company 専 industry stamping processing all types of electronic insulation materials, shielding material, adhesive tape, MYLAR and all kinds of EPE impact type, blister, EPE bag, PE bags, steam bubble bag electrostatic protective packaging materials. The products are widely used in mobile phones, notebook computers, LCD display, digital products and other kinds of photoelectric products series of insulation, shielding, buffer and ESD protection packaging purpose...

           We for the company in July 2009 to provide service, the service content is: shop decoration, plant decoration, staff dormitory to decorate

          蘇州業興裝飾 (Suzhou YeXing Decoration)
          地址:江蘇省蘇州市人民路420號南門商務樓 郵箱(E-mail):dxzs2003@163.com
          Address: No.420,the South Gate,People’s road Suzhou city
          昆山業興裝飾 (Kunshan YeXing Decoration)
          地址:昆山市馬鞍山西路龍辰商業廣場18號樓17號 郵箱(E-mail):dxzs2003@163.com
          Address: Kunshan City, Ma On Shan Road dragon garden 18 Building No. 17