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      2. 服務過的部分客戶 CUSTOMERS



            我們為該公司于2004年11月提供服務,服務內容為:車間裝修 、辦公樓裝修等。

            Kunshan ever yu cheng electrical and mechanical co., LTD., on December 23, 2003 in suzhou industrial and commercial registration, the main business development productivity switch, automation system control panel and other related products, satellite navigation and positioning receiving equipment and key components manufacturing, sales produced products. , the registered capital of 900000 yuan, the companys business address in development zone huasheng road 66.

            We for the company in November of 2004 provides the service, service content is: shop decoration, building decoration, etc.

          蘇州業興裝飾 (Suzhou YeXing Decoration)
          地址:江蘇省蘇州市人民路420號南門商務樓 郵箱(E-mail):dxzs2003@163.com
          Address: No.420,the South Gate,People’s road Suzhou city
          昆山業興裝飾 (Kunshan YeXing Decoration)
          地址:昆山市馬鞍山西路龍辰商業廣場18號樓17號 郵箱(E-mail):dxzs2003@163.com
          Address: Kunshan City, Ma On Shan Road dragon garden 18 Building No. 17