I cannot believe the brains at Google were even daunted, but its worse than that. Did Google really say “its too hard”? The Information technology experts at Google quietly gave up on a Intelligent building metering project.

I bet it was the physics that stopped them. They must have treated this as an IT or database problem. So, when they came to incorporating actual building performance, they must have been overwhelmed. Its complicated.

Thank you James Ferguson for noticing and reporting this.

But did they bother to tell anyone or even reach out to the mechanical engineers?

Hell, they didnt even tell anyone they were giving it up. if they were interested in the physics they might have brought in some building automation experts. Or maybe cross-discipline folks were too hard to find?

Mankind, the earth and Building Automation Systems.
“Between the detail and the whole, thats where the work lies. HVAC and lighting are detail. Clean, safe, comfortable, functioning and beautiful environment [man-made and natural] are the whole.
Building automation systems (BAS) is in the middle. Check these predictions for BAS over the next 3 years.

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